KN95口罩 KN95 masks   


PRODUCT NAME:KN95 Protective Mask

SIZE: 210mm×160mm

PRODUCT TYPE: Ear loop mask

MAIN MATERIAL: Melt-blown fabric,non-woven fabric,hot air cotton

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: Suitable for daily usage, for respiratory protection, filtering dust, bacteria, droplets and other harmful particles in the air. This product is not intended for medical use.

STORAGE CONDITION: Store in a dry, ventilated environment, avoiding corrosive gas and direct sunlight.

MANUFACTURER: Hangzhou Rui Yu Medical Supplies Co., Ltd

ADD : No.2. Dongshun Rd.,Yuqian Town,Lin'an District,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China


LOT/MAN: See code on the side of box


1. Wash your hands well before putting on the mask. Hold ear loop mask and nosepiece up.

2. Set the mask over your nose and mouth with the nose clip fitting over the bridge of your nose.The bottom of the mask should go just under your chin.

3. Pull the ear straps over and set it above your ears.

4. Secure the mask by using your fingertips to mold the nosepiece along the bridge of yournose.

5. Perform a fit check by placing both hands completely over the mask. Be careful not to disturbthe position, exhale sharply. If air leaks, readjust the nosepiece again as in step 3 and 4.


1. This product is for adult only.

2. Do Not wash or disinfect this product. The KN95 Mask is disposable, please discard after use. 3. Do Not use this product if the package or the mask is expired, damaged, soiled or if breathingbecomes difficult.

4. Do Not use this product if you are allergic to nonwoven fibers. People with abnormal

cardiopulmonary function should use this product with caution.

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